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Sprout Creek Farm, a nonprofit working farm and education center in Dutchess County, has transferred control of its operations to Marist College. The 200-acre farm produces award-winning cheese, raises a variety of farm animals, and offers numerous educational programs focused on agriculture and the environment. The Farm will remain an independent nonprofit.


Hello from Sprout Creek Farm!  We hope that you are enjoying the Fall. Here in the Northeast, we are surrounded by gorgeous colors and are safe from the ferocious storms that Fall has brought to so many. We pray for all of you who have been impacted by the hurricanes, and ask that you let us know how you are, and how you and your loved ones can be helped as part of the Sprout Creek Farm family.

Sprout Creek Catering
Looking for a farm to table meal to share with your family and loved ones? Sprout Creek Farm offers a unique, flexible catering service for the eager to please party host.
Weddings, birthday parties, special events large and small, on-site and pick up. Enjoy a personally accommodated party menu with the flavor of local agriculture. Taste the difference a little grass makes — try Sprout Creek Catering.
Contact our Executive Chef Mark Fredette for requests. Please place order in advance:

While locavore may sound like an odd name (Is it some sort of Dr. Seuss character? Someone who only eats trains?), it has a pretty simple definition, “a person whose diet consists only or principally of locally grown or produced food.” Emphasizing eating locally may seem like a new movement but the idea has deep roots. For most of human history, we ate what was readily accessible in the area in which we lived.

As a local farm committed to the quality of our dairy and meat products, it is important for Sprout Creek Farm to serve our consumers not only with high-quality products, but to inform their attitudes and beliefs about food as well. So as foodies, we're also interested in giving what advice we can on dieting and choosing the right foods, especially when it comes to meat. For the meat eaters out there, we'd like to encourage an analytical approach to finding the right diet.

For over 30 years,  Sprout Creek Farm has honored and lived by healthy eating, especially when consuming dairy. As our summer season begins, Sprout Creek Farm looks to its students for advice on steps we can take to ensure the quality and wholesomeness of our milk. This week, a group of inquisitive learners flew in from Sacred Heart Atherton in California to spend the week at Sprout Creek. During their stay, they used their thinking caps to test cow DNA and ensure the quality of our dairy.

Some Background

Mark your calendars — August 18th is our LAST Burger Night for the Summer season.