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Change Is In The Air (11/15/2016)

The first weeks of November have been a climatically restless time.

Our days have swung between waves of summer heat and fits of winter chills; with rain, wind, and snow to keep our farmers and our animals guessing.

Our classroom will be quiet for the next few months. Our last school groups will be coming in over the next few days and pick back up come kidding season in February. This November we have spent time with students discussing the seasonal cycles of farm life, how we prepare our spaces, our animals, and ourselves for winter, and conducted numerous experiments on insulation efficiency in the context of keeping our animals and their water warm. We have also constructed cold frames with some students to help us push our growing season further into the depths of winter. Finally, we attended the Poughkeepsie Day School’s Makers Fair this past weekend. We brought half a dozen chickens, ducks, and turkeys for show and made fresh whole milk ricotta with visitors.

As the holiday season hurtles ever closer, a sense of urgency and energy can be felt in both our creamery and our kitchen. Families and businesses prepare end-of-year festivities and our chefs are preparing an expanded catering menu to better suit the needs of our friends and patrons. Yesterday our chefs created a brand-new flatbread menu complete with home-grown and homemade baba ganoush and various kinds of hummus—not to mention the mountains of fougasse, focaccia, and naan that have left our kitchen and cafĂ© smelling like Maggie Gyllenhaal’s kitchen in Stranger than Fiction. Our market has been busy making arrangements to begin our CSA come December. We will be offering a five-month subscription to provide patrons with 100lbs of pasture-raised meat, 10 pounds of our award-winning cheese, and 10 dozen eggs. Feel free to check our website, visit, or call the farm with questions. Our cheesemakers are experiencing a similar increase in activity as holiday cheese orders are coming in. Last week alone they made 300 pounds of Margie—all of which will be sent across the US in time for holiday parties and gifts.

Our barn continues to gear up for winter. Our new calves are growing rapidly and we are keeping an eye on Nicole and Vixen—both of whom are due to calf on December 7th. We will be trimming the hooves of our herd this Thursday to make sure everyone’s feet are comfortable this winter. And finally our geese are laying again! We have eggs in the market for those of you looking to try a less traditional egg. Since the ratio of yolk to white is higher in goose eggs than chicken eggs they are great for baking but also are wonderful cooked just like any old chicken egg.

As always, our doors are open should you ever want to visit. Feel free to call ahead to arrange a more in-depth tour, and stay warm!

Sprout Creek Farm is a 501(c)3 nonprofit. Our mission is to educate people to understand and appreciate our connection to the earth and our responsibility for its care.