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Class In Session (10/26/16)

Even on a farm, eager learners need a classroom.

We are excited to announce the opening of a new classroom space at Sprout Creek Farm! Located in what was once the dairy barn, the space has a clean and refreshing atmosphere that is ready to be used by the hundreds of students that come to the farm every year for educational programs.

At Sprout Creek Farm, we pride ourselves in having alternative classrooms that usually consist of our barns, animal pens, garden, and kitchen.  It is, however, important to have a space where students and teachers can gather to reflect on what they’ve seen, do activities and play games that reinforce the concepts they just saw in the barn, and learn the basic information necessary for larger lessons and activities.

This new classroom allows us to have a space solely devoted to education. In the classroom, we can study creek water in our science corner, read and share stories in the reading nook, and introduce basic terms and concepts using our projection wall. It provides a home base as classes rotate around the farm meeting our animals, learning about their care, and discovering our land.

We have used the classroom a few times since its doors were opened two weeks ago and it was wonderful to see the excitement in the faces of the students coming through its doors. It was nice to have a space without the distractions of the rest of the farm to introduce the program to the students, before moving them through the various activities. The education staff is looking forward to breaking the classroom in even more during the upcoming weeks. The goal of our education programs is to test the limits of the students that come to the farm and expand their horizons. We want them to develop self-confidence, the ability to work through challenges, and learn a broader sense of responsibility and commitment. We try to teach a love for our fragile earth, an understanding of our connectedness to it, and instill a passion for protecting its integrity. With a space that we can call our very own, our possibilities now seem endless.

Sprout Creek Farm is a 501(c)3 nonprofit. Our mission is to educate people to understand and appreciate our connection to the earth and our responsibility for its care.