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On Eating Meat and Dieting Trends

As a local farm committed to the quality of our dairy and meat products, it is important for Sprout Creek Farm to serve our consumers not only with high-quality products, but to inform their attitudes and beliefs about food as well. So as foodies, we're also interested in giving what advice we can on dieting and choosing the right foods, especially when it comes to meat. For the meat eaters out there, we'd like to encourage an analytical approach to finding the right diet.

A current stance on healthy dieting is heavily anti-meat. Michael Pollan, a favorite author of ours, has a few words on this. In his dietary manifesto Food Rules, He expresses simple maxims to aid with our dieting needs: Eat Food, Mostly Plants, Not too Much. Seems pretty straightforward — it's true that the western diet consists heavily of processed meats and food products, so the more plants the better. But for omnivores, finding meat that ticks all the boxes on our dietary checklist is apparently no easy task.

In a recently published article on “Misconceptions of meat in healthy eating”, writer Alexander Buxton challenges the explosion of anti-meat rhetoric. Buxton  writes "Recognising that meat does not have to be entirely removed from diets to improve health or to create a sustainable food system is step one in creating a legitimate argument about the pros and cons of eating animal products." Buxton wants to shoo away the idea that even a taste of meat is terrible. We agree with him. Processed meat is usually bad for you, but that doesn't mean that all meat is bad for you.

So how can you tell when trends align with your own health interest? It’s hard to say for sure. Perhaps a better food philosophy is quality over quantity. Before buying a meat-based product, ask yourself some health based questions. Is the product local or long distance?  Is it heavily processed? Was the animal grass-fed?  Detailed questions can help us clarify our own interests while avoiding what some might see as strict trends. When it comes to meat, the devil isn’t always in the details. Start with your principles: "I am going to eat healthy meat, and more plants" and work the rest out from there with a little bit of nutritional research.

At Sprout Creek Farm, we would like to provide consumers with not only a reliable local product but the information needed to feel aligned with the farm to table movement. Feel free to visit anytime.