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How to be a Locavore

While locavore may sound like an odd name (Is it some sort of Dr. Seuss character? Someone who only eats trains?), it has a pretty simple definition, “a person whose diet consists only or principally of locally grown or produced food.” Emphasizing eating locally may seem like a new movement but the idea has deep roots. For most of human history, we ate what was readily accessible in the area in which we lived. The modern term of “Locavore” was developed in 2005 by Jessica Prentice, a West Coast chef and in 2007 the term was named Oxford American Dictionary’s word of the year.

The locavore movement has been embraced by many of the nation’s top chefs and it's been quietly moving into the mainstream. In fact, even the Culinary Institute of America (located right here in the Hudson Valley) offers a concentration in “Farm-to-Table: Practices of a Sustainable Table,” which highlights the importance of being socially-conscious and green in their careers.

The benefits of embracing the locavore movement are plentiful. First and foremost, buying locally grown and produced food supports your local economy. Your purchase can help sustain farmers and growers in your area, meaning that your dollars are reinvested into the community. Many of the products sold in our market are sourced from New York based farms and companies (not to mention the various products sold that are produced right here at Sprout Creek!) because we believe in promoting the high quality products made by our neighbors. Many hot spots for local agriculture go unnoticed by grocers, but we're lucky enough to have Adam's Fairacre Farms as one of our prime area supermarkets, who also feature many other products from the Hudson Valley. Some benefits of eating locally include increased nutritional value, fortified flavor, and a decreased carbon footprint. 

So how can you be a locavore? One easy way is to start shopping at local farmer’s markets. A simple internet search or look through your local newspaper can help you locate the best option for you. In the Hudson Valley alone, there are a ton of great options to choose from! Sprout Creek Farm can be found each Saturday at the Pawling Farmer’s Market from 9:00AM-1:00PM until September 30, alongside a number of local vendors. A major key to becoming a locavore is knowing where your food comes from. When making purchases, be sure to read labels carefully and ask questions so you know exactly where your food is from and how it’s being produced.

At Sprout Creek Farm, we are proud to provide quality local products to make becoming a locavore less of a chore. Our market is open Tuesday-Sunday from 10AM- 5PM, and is well-stocked with local goods, including cheese and eggs produced right here on our farm!