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Thanks for coming out!

It's our Mother's birthday! Come celebrate Earth Day at Sprout Creek Farm for a day filled with live music and fun activities for all!

Visit our newest calves and goat kids, wander and learn about the farm, meet our team and educators, master chefs and cheesemakers, and participate in our family friendly activities between 11-2pm.

Interested in becoming a better cook? Or know someone who could use some professional guidance?

Great Question!

The winter solstice marks the longest night of the year. At Sprout Creek Farm, we honor the tradition of celebrating this night by eating delicious food cultivated from our very own land and gathering around a ceremonial bonfire. 

We celebrate this night of reflection to remember the joys and forgive the shortcomings of the past year, to celebrate another evening closer to a joyous Spring, to enjoy our old friends and make new ones.

When is the Winter Solstice Gathering?

Well the holiday season has officially come and we at the farm are excited to say the least!

The first weeks of November have been a climatically restless time.

Our days have swung between waves of summer heat and fits of winter chills; with rain, wind, and snow to keep our farmers and our animals guessing.

So What’s the Problem?

During an age of anxiety and the no-time-to-waste work ethic, it’s easy to become a stranger to the concept of climate change. However, we should, as active members of a changing society, try to acknowledge even the most untimely obstacles. It’s time to establish environmental mindfulness — an understanding of the world that we can incorporate into every element of our daily lives.

We must do this if we wish to create a better future — If not for us, then for our children.

In a fast-paced world of convenience foods, artificial ingredients, and additives, it's important to know how to slow things down a little. 

A Brief History of the Crock Pot.

So how and when did the slow cook movement originate you ask? Great question. Like all great and unique things, the slow cooker started on a beautifully small scale.

On May 21, 1936, Irving Naxon, a prolific inventor, applied for a patent for a cooking device that would allow for portable and even heating. 

Even on a farm, eager learners need a classroom.

We are excited to announce the opening of a new classroom space at Sprout Creek Farm! Located in what was once the dairy barn, the space has a clean and refreshing atmosphere that is ready to be used by the hundreds of students that come to the farm every year for educational programs.