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There's never a shortage of interesting happenings at the Farm. Here's our Month in Review for a cozy and colorful October.

As October shuts its blustery doors we are reminded that winter is on the way! The farm bears all the tell-tale signs of impending frigidity: our feed stores are being gathered, the garden has been laid bare (our turkeys now stomp the rows, looking for any scraps our chefs might have missed), and our young ones spend more and more nights in the comfort of the warm barn as temperatures dip below the frost point.

Created by educator Diane Sweeney from photos & video of our Planet Earth: Dig It Session, this video gives visitors, friends, and students a small glimpse of our hands on approach to enriching summer camp experiences. Thanks for watching!

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Cheese platters are now available to order through the market.


, Pinky

Every month at Sprout Creek brings its own excitement, but February brings a special joy: Baby Goats! We have been patiently awaiting the arrival of the newest members to our herd and we know you have as well. The time has come and we are reveling in the delightful sight of the newborns. The next few weeks will be busy here as we expect about 150 babies. Come by and see us and our newest additions. They will certainly bring you great delight and you know along with these births comes goat milk and soon there will be goat cheese!

A gallon weighs 8.6 pounds. Did you know that it takes 10 pounds of milk to make 1 pound of cheese? Now you can figure out how much milk it takes to make a 12 pound wheel of your favorite Batch 35 cheese! 

In keeping with our mission of environmental stewardship, we are proud to announce that we have joined the Residual Fundraising Program with Viridian Energy, a socially responsible retail energy company that supplies competitively priced green energy. Viridian pursues its mission of sustainability through its unique fundraising program, which gives non-profit organizations like ours the opportunity to earn money by enrolling customers for Viridian.