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Education Day Programs

Day Programs
● All Education programs are available September - June
● Education classes are typically 90-minute programs that include a lesson, tour of the farm and animal
● Programs are $220 for up to 30 students and 5 adults
● Our education classes are STEAM (Science,Technology, Engineering, Agriculture and Math) based as well as
   aligned with state and national science education standards.
● Farm education staff are experienced educators that generate excitement and create a positive learning
● If requested, programming can be customized with a more specific focus on certain concepts or skills or
   extended in length.

Education Field Trip Program Offerings

Grades PreK - 8th:

EGG-cellent Chickens: We still don’t know which came first—the chicken or the egg? Let’s explore the fantastic life cycle of a chicken. During this program, students will identify different breeds of chickens, examine physical characteristics, and determine the stages of a chicken's life cycle.
Available Fall, Winter and Spring

Grass to Cheese: Follow the flow of energy from the sun to the cheese that we eat. This class looks at the grass on the farm, the cow’s unique ruminant digestive system and the subsequent milk that is produced and made into
Available Fall, Winter and Spring

Farming 101: Learn the basics of what it takes to keep a farm and the animals healthy. This program breaks down the different areas of the farm from the garden, barns and pastures to the different groups of animals that live here. We explore the land, tools and skills that are necessary for a functioning dairy farm.
Available Fall, Winter and Spring

Wetland, Creek and Forest Exploration: The natural areas around our farm contribute to the overall ecological health of the farm and creek. As a tributary to the Hudson River, Sprout Creek is an important part of our farm. The local wildlife plays an important role in shaping our farm and the practices of our farmers. This program looks at the natural landscape and the ways we care for our farm property.
Available Fall and Spring

Seed to Plant: This program focuses on our garden and the plants grown at a farm for food. From seeds to edible foods, we look at the various stages of planting, harvesting and preserving food. The parts of a plant (stem, leaves, roots, and fruit) are examined with hands-on garden activities.
Available Fall and Spring
Winter - In the winter the focus of the program is on preserving the harvest and indoor micro green planting

Grades 2nd - 12th

Cheesemaking: ADDITIONAL $20 fee - Our cheesemaking class allows students to learn the science behind turning cow’s milk into cheese. This program starts with a look at the diet of the cows and follows the milk produced by the cows, all the way to a final product. In addition to the actual cheesemaking process, students will learn the history of cheesemaking and the micro organisms that make it all possible.

Grades 9 - 12

Careers on a Farm: This college and career readiness-focused program looks at the many different opportunities and skill sets that make a successful farm. Every aspect of the science behind food production on a farm is explored through hands on activities, using the tools of the trade and exploring the behind-the-scenes areas of Sprout Creek Farm.

Available Fall, Winter and Spring

All of our programming can be modified to support your curriculum. Our farm offers an experienced education department staff that understands both the interdisciplinary needs of programming as well as the needs of differentiated learners. We will work with your individual class’ needs as well as the curriculum goals of your institution.