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Girls' and Boys' Overnight

Who knew that it takes only a week to become a farmer? At Sprout Creek Farm, a few days is all we need. Over the course of the program, campers will have the opportunity to really get their hands dirty and learn about what it takes to run a production dairy farm and education garden. Campers will milk cows, care for animals, explore our grounds, splash in the creek and make meals alongside our chefs using ingredients from our farm. They will take part in farm chores and projects, participate in activities that will teach certain aspects of our farm, and get the chance to make new friends in a completely unique environment. Our goal is to get campers comfortable around our animals and confident in their abilities to work hard and get dirty. It is the perfect program for new campers, those who are interested in learning about what goes into a production dairy farm and for returning campers looking for another week back on the farm.

Girls' Overnight Session Dates:

Week 1: June 23-28,

Week 4: July 14-19

Girls Ages: 10-12

Boys' Overnight Session Dates:

Week 7: August 4-9

Boys Ages: 10-13

Price: $900

Max. Participants: 24 per week