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Girls' Farm to Table

When eating at Sprout Creek Farm, it is possible to track almost any ingredient back to the farm itself. Cheese comes from milk from our cows, vegetables are grown in the garden, and most meat and eggs are raised on the property. While we don’t grow ingredients such as grain to make flour, we use it to bake fresh bread to go with our farm-fresh ingredients. During our Farm to Table week, campers will get the opportunity to follow their food from the barn and garden, into the kitchen, and onto their plates. Campers will work in our garden, tending and harvesting vegetables and herbs they will consume. They will also discover first-hand how our animals turn fresh grass into wholesome milk that becomes delicious cheese. Campers will work with our barn staff to milk our cows and goats, and participate in other farm chores and projects necessary for the day-to-day functioning of a production dairy farm. Finally, they will try their hand in the kitchen, working with our Culinary-trained chefs, to turn all of the fresh ingredients into meals they will share with each other.

Food production, on every level, takes time and effort. Campers will work with our staff to do the work, but will also have the opportunity to spend time in our creek, explore our wild spaces, enjoy each others’ company around the campfire, and play games. By the end of the week, we hope that campers will know the work that goes into the creation of food from the farm to the kitchen, and understand the importance and beauty of sharing a meal together.

Ages: 10-13

Session Dates:

Week 6: July 28-August 2

Cost: $900

Max. Participants: 24