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Overnight Camp

Spending a week on the farm allows campers to really dive into the day-to-day operations of a working dairy farm. They will rise with our farmers and help them carry out the daily chores including milking our cows and goats and feeding and watering the rest of our animals. They will tend to and harvest the garden and work with our CIA-trained chefs to cook meals using farm-fresh ingredients. Campers will spend their mornings working hard doing chores and ensuring that our animals are well-cared for and afternoons will be spent playing in the creek, exploring our fields and forests, and enjoying each other’s company. 

Overnight programs will each have a different focus. While every overnight camper will participate in daily chores and cook their own meals with our chefs, we want to provide opportunities for young people to explore different aspects of our farm that they are particularly interested in. The purpose of these programs is to get participants excited about animals, fresh foods and their environment. We hope to instill a sense of enthusiasm and responsibility for our land and the people who care for it.

Session Dates:
Week 1: Girls’ Overnight
     June 24-29, ages 10-12
Week 2: Girls’ Overnight
     July 1-6, ages 10-12
Week 3: Girls’ Farm Intensive
     July 8-13, ages 11-13
Week 4: Girls’ Overnight
     July 15-20, ages 10-12
Week 5: Boys’ Overnight
     July 22-27, ages 10-12
Week 6: Girls’ Farm to Table
     July 29-August 3, ages 10-12
Week 7: Project Harvest: Animal Planet
     August 5-13, co-ed, rising freshman-seniors
Week 8: Farm Mini-Week
     August 15-17, co-ed, ages 9-11

Price: $900  ($450 for Mini-Week and $1,100 for Project Harvest)

Overnight Camp Registration