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Project Harvest: Animal Planet

Without the highest quality milk, Sprout Creek Farm would be unable to produce its award winning cheese. To get the best milk quality, we need strong, healthy, and happy animals. Over the course of this week, campers will get a behind-the-scenes look at how we manage our farm, what we do to ensure herd health, and the steps we take if one of our animals is sick. They will practice handling our animals, conduct herd health checks, and may take part in simulation procedures. Topics of discussion and activities may include veterinary sciences, genetics, nutrition, and different styles of farming and management. The goals of the week are to build connections between people and our animals, and for campers to really experience what goes into maintaining a high quality dairy herd and farm.

As the week progresses, our garden, kitchen, and creek will continue to be explored. Campers will harvest fresh ingredients in the garden, and prepare meals with our chefs using the bounty. No Sprout Creek Farm camp would be complete without a splash in the creek or a campfire on the last night. This week will provide campers the opportunity to fully experience the animals that call Sprout Creek Farm home as well as the necessary symbiotic relationships among all parts of the farm..

Session Dates:

Week 8: August 11-16

Ages: rising freshman-seniors (co-ed) (14-17yo)

Cost: $900

Max. Participants: 24