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Our cheeses are made from the nutritious and creamy (antibiotic and hormone free) milk of our small herds of cows and goats that roam the pastures eating what they're supposed to eat – grass. Cheeses aged over 60 days are made with raw milk – bigger flavor and very nutritious. Those tender and fresh cheeses aged less than 60 days are made with pasteurized milk. The operative word here is GRASS, however.

Milk from animals that eat what they were designed to eat is nutrient rich, low in cholesterol, high in Omega 3s, and still retains proteins, minerals and vitamins necessary for good health. From the much loved pastured animals to the cheeses lovingly crafted and aged, you are sure to "Taste the Difference a Little Grass Makes".

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Batch 35

This savory smear-ripened raw cows' milk cheese with a full scattering of eyes has an aromatic soft yellow paste, and a crisp coppery rind. Aged 2-4 months.



Mold-ripened and aged 1 year, this raw cows' milk cheese is semi-firm, big-bodied, open, and supple. A cheese that everyone, even a child loves.



Made from Pasteurized cows’ milk. Delectably buttery and smooth with a slight tang. From morning milking to package in 48 hours. Also a wonderful neutral complement to both sweet and savory companions.



Our smooth pasteurized chèvre has a surprisingly neutral flavor, delicate and tangy, spreadable and a wonderful compliment to both sweet and savory dishes.



This semi firm wheel is savory and sharp with a hint of pungency. Dense and creamy, Kinkead is washed in the beginning for extra flavor, then aged to perfection in our ripening rooms. Raw cows' milk cheese, aged 6-8 months.



This raw goats' milk cheese, though slightly goaty and salty and reminiscent of a pecorino in texture, is both delicate and herbaceous, unlike its brawny sheep's milk cousin. Available from August- March. Aged 5-9 months.

2015 New York State Fair Gold Medal Winner (Dairy Product)
2014 3rd Place ACS winner
2014 Good Food Award winner
2012 2nd Place ACS winner


Margie sports a white bloomy rind, and smooth, creamy paste. This buttery little wheel has a clean and delicate flavor that showcases the natural flora our farmstead milk. Aged 4-8 weeks; made from pasteurized cows' milk.

2015 Good Food Award Winner
2014 1st Place ACS winner
2013 BEST IN CLASS at U.S. Championship Cheese Awards

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A raw cows' milk cheese with a distinctive Alpine flavor and a smooth tight texture, it becomes complex and peppery with age. Aged 5-7 months.

2012 2nd Place ACS winner