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Summer Camp

Sprout Creek Farm 2020 Summer Camp

Summer marks the height of activity at Sprout Creek Farm!
Both day and overnight campers will:
EXPLORE the natural world through hands-on immersion in a working farm environment
CONNECT natural science concepts to the world around us with STEM based opportunities
   in both our living classroom and through culinary work.
EXPERIENCE farm to table agriculture, working alongside our professional farmers,
   gardeners and chefs in the field and the kitchen
HAVE FUN! Enjoy the outdoors with new friends and experienced farm education staff
For each week, Sprout Creek Farm offers a Day Camp , Mini Overnight Camp and Full
Day Camp - Monday - Friday 9am - 4pm. (early and late stay available)
Mini Overnight Camp - Sunday - Wednesday (drop off and pick up times 1pm - 3pm).
Weekly Overnight Camp - Sunday - Friday (drop off and pick up times 1pm - 3pm).
Dates and Weekly Themes:
Week 1: (June 28 - July 3) Farming is for ME
Explore what it means to be a farmer as we learn about the animals, tools, machines and buildings that
farmers need to do their job. Our campers are the future of farming and this week will allow them to get a
hands on experience while learning about what farmers do to care for farm animals and raise our food.
Week 2: (July 6 - July 10) Junior Chef Week
This week is dedicated to food and how to prepare it. We will look at the plant and animal products that
make up our diet and the culinary techniques that we all need to make nutritious and delicious meals. This
week will end with a Kid’s Burger Night. Our camp kids will help plan the menu and create a Sprout Creek
Farm Burger Night!
Week 3: (July 12 - July 17) Animals On A Farm
Spend a week working with and learning about all the animals that live on a farm! Our cows, pigs, goats,
bees and chickens all call Sprout Creek Farm home; learn how we care for different animals and what
makes each one of them so unique. Through hands on work we will learn about the characteristics, care,
and purpose of our farm animals.
Week 4: (July 19 - July24) Fun Farm Products
Everyone has their favorite farm product; is it honey, fresh vegetables or pickles? This week we will think
about and make some fun farm products. What do different farms produce? How is it done? We will explore
butter and cheese making, fiber products, pickling, and the harvesting of plants. Our campers will end the
week creating their own Sprout Creek Farm Farmer’s Market.
Week 5: (July 26 - July 31) Water, Soil and Sun
Let’s get down to basics and explore the real heroes of the food system - Water, Soil and Sun! Through fun
explorations we will learn about water use and conservation and the unseen activity in our soil. Our future
farmers will work with the soil, use water, and harness the sun’s energy to grow food. We will see how
water, soil, and sun help us care for animals, ourselves and the natural world.
Week 6: (August 2 - August 7) Put Your Roots Down
Seeds, trees, flowers, roots, and fruit help our world in so many ways. This week campers will explore the
beauty, anatomy, and uses of the plants and trees growing all around us. Our activities will also focus on the
work necessary for their care. This week culminates with a Sprout Creek Farm Nature Art show featuring the
campers’ own creations.
Week 7: (August 10 - August 14) Farms in the Community
Farms are an important part of every community, but who are the people on a farm and what do they do?
Spend a week learning about how farms impact the earth, animals, and people that live nearby. We will
explore all types of farms, farm products, and how we work together to serve the needs of many different
Week 8: (August 16 - August 21) Farmer for a Week
Being a farmer that cares for animals in all types of weather takes lots of skill and heart. Let's all work
together to learn about and care for the chickens, goats, cows, pigs, and donkeys that live on the farm. At
the end of this week we really work together as a team during the Farm Olympics; a friendly competition
using all of our “farmer” skills!
Camp Pricing
Day Camp $395. Per weekly session
Mini Overnight Camp $540. Per 3 day session
Full Overnight Camp $900. Per 5 day session
Summer Day Camp Week 1: June 29 - July 3
Summer Day Camp Week 2: July 6 - July 10
Summer Day Camp Week 3: July 13 - July 17
Summer Day Camp Week 4: July 20 - July 24
Summer Day Camp Week 5: July 27 - July 31
Summer Day Camp Week 6: August 3 - August 7
Summer Day Camp Week 7: August 10 - August 14
Summer Day Camp Week 8: August 17 - August 21
Summer Mini Overnight Camp Week 1: June 28 - July 1
Summer Mini Overnight Camp Week 2: July 5 - July 8
Summer Mini Overnight Camp Week 3: July 12 - July 15
Summer Mini Overnight Camp Week 4: July 19 - July 22
Summer Mini Overnight Camp Week 5: July 26 - July 29
Summer Mini Overnight Camp Week 6: August 2 - August 5
Summer Mini Overnight Camp Week 7: August 9 - August 12
Summer Mini Overnight Camp Week 8: August 16 - August 19
Summer Overnight Camp Week 1: June June 28 - July 3
Summer Overnight Camp Week 2: July 5 - July 10
Summer Overnight Camp Week 3: July 12 - July 17
Summer Overnight Camp Week 4: July 19 - July 24
Summer Overnight Camp Week 5: July 26 - July 31
Summer Overnight Camp Week 6: August 2 - August 7
Summer Overnight Camp Week 7: August 9 - August 14
Summer Overnight Camp Week 8: August 16 - August 21
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