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Summer Positions

Interested in becoming a part of the Sprout Creek Farm family as part of our summer education team?

We are looking for individuals enthusiastic about agriculture and sustainability, passionate about passing knowledge on to young people, and able to come up with creative ways to engage summer campers with our animals and environment.

At Sprout Creek Farm we believe that all teachers can be farmers and all farmers can be teachers. Part of the joy of working on the farm is being able to insert yourself into any activity or work that needs doing. We do not limit our employees to any one location, department, or task. Instead, we work as an integrated team to help make sure we all succeed, our animals stay healthy, and our campers leave thinking critically about our planet, their community, and their own personal impact on the world around them.

Summer marks the height of activity at Sprout Creek Farm. Our cows and goats are at peak milk production, our garden is full of vegetables ready to be harvested and the creek is finally warm enough for a dip. Summer staff will ensure campers share in the work and play that makes summer at Sprout Creek a time of lasting friendships, rewarding endeavors, and lifelong memories.

Please see the documents below for descriptions of the summer positions available and details regarding the application process. Note that applications are due no later than March 31st and can be emailed to our Director of Camps at